For Tenants

Simcoe County Property Management Inc

We want to insure that you are making the right choice when choosing one of our rental homes so that it is in a convenient location and it has the features that you are looking for! Check out our rental Properties, once you've found some options feel free to Request a Showing or Contact Us with any questions!

Tenant Tips

Simply put, rent to own is renting with the option to buy. The deal is setup using an Occupancy Agreement and an Option to Purchase Agreement.

If you can not find any rental houses which you like on the market, now our investors can buy your dream home for you and rent it back to you.

According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, about half of all renters don't take out any kind of tenant's insurance. Yet it's extremely important for rent

One of many great benefits of rental is the removal of repair responsibility. If you require any repair to household fixtures such as toilets and roofs..