Option 1: Tenancy Screening Services

Simcoe County Property Management Inc

As a landlord you can come to Simcoe Country Property Management Inc and ask us to screen tenants for you in order to rent your house or apartment. Using our website (, signs on site, networking and referrals we will locate a suitable tenant for your situation.

If property specific advertising is felt to be necessary, specific newspaper insertions are not included in this package and the cost of any specific insertions is the responsibility of the landlords. Here is a list of what Simcoe Country Property Management Inc will do for you;

  • Assessment of the rental property
  • Screening, applications, interviews and reference checks
  • Credit checks
  • Keep you informed of the application process at all times
  • A signed custom lease agreement
  • Collection of first and last months rent
  • Provide lease agreement copies to you, your tenant and Rent Assured Inc.
  • Keep on file any information pertaining to the tenant’s application.

Once the move-in of the new tenant has taken place then the landlord assumes all responsibilities for rent collection and day to day management of the property. Any additional services required by Simcoe Country Property Management Inc will be done on a “per fee basis”.