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Does everyone in the rental property have to sign the lease?

It is recommend, so that any liability does not fall on one person when multiple tenant share the rental property.

How much notice does a tenant have to give if they want to move out?

The tenant is required to give at least two month notice.

Is subletting permissible as long as the landlord is notified?


On what grounds can a tenant be evicted?

There are many different reasons for evicting a tenant, examples are:

  • Rent is frequently overdue
  • Rent has not been paid in full
  • Damages has been caused to the rental property

What are the cost and responsibilities expected of me as a landlord?

  • As a landlord you are responsible for ensuring that the property meet health and safety and other standards established by local, provincial, and federal law.
  • As a landlord you are responsible but not limited to repainting the property, ensuring that all appliances are in working condition, servicing furnaces and replacing smoke detectors

What documents are required in order to apply for a rental property?

  • You will need to fill up the rental application
  • Credit score from Equifax
  • We will also need proof of employment income
  • References from prior rentals if applicable

What is required for security deposit?

First month and last month deposit

What is the minimum rental agreement period?

We offer a minimum of one year lease agreement.

What is the preferred method of payment for monthly rent?

In most cases, it is preferred to pay by postdated cheques due at the time of signing the lease